Because Only Together We Can

Empowering Pakistan Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Who We Are

Entrepreneurship and Youth Development Society was created in 2015 and is registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. The Society aims to initiate, run, and execute community development and upliftment projects, act as a resource centre for the promotion of awareness, education, and entrepreneurship among young people, women, marginalized communities, and students from diverse backgrounds.

Our focus areas include:

  • Climate Action: Implementing and supporting initiatives aimed at addressing climate change, fostering sustainable practices, and promoting environmental stewardship.
  • Innovation: Encouraging and nurturing innovative solutions to societal challenges, creating platforms and opportunities for new ideas and technologies to thrive.
  • Developing and Empowering Young People: Providing resources and opportunities for the holistic development of young people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders and change-makers.
  • Empowering Women: Supporting and uplifting women through targeted programmes and initiatives, enhancing their social and economic status to help them achieve their full potential.
  • Supporting Marginalized Communities: Addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities through tailored initiatives, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

We empower, grow, and prosper together.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Our programmes are  designed around identifying new and innovative enterprises, and connecting them to the proper funding sources. We aim to foster growth and success in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  


— We Build Networks

Every new programme offers an opportunity for collaboration and creating linkages between various stakeholders. Our goal is to connect the right people with each other through are large and diverse network.


— We Strengthen

Our programmes focus on capacity building and upskilling for our beneficiaries, providing them with mentorship and guidance from industry experts to ensure they are well-equipped for future challenges.


— We Educate

We build and disseminate knowledge on creating positive social change by offering comprehensive training, resources, and support, empowering individuals and communities to make impactful and sustainable improvements in their lives.


— We Research

We research innovative methods and best practices to drive social impact. We conduct thorough analyses and evaluations to understand trends, challenges, and opportunities, and share our findings to inform and inspire effective solutions.


— We Consult

We consult with organisations and communities to develop tailored strategies for social impact, offering expert advice, resources, and support to enhance their capacity, achieve their goals, and drive sustainable change.