Because Only Together We Can

Build a Pakistan where all youth can reach their potential

Who We Are

Entrepreneurship and Youth Development Society was created in 2015 and is registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. The Society aims to initiate, run and execute community development and upliftment projects, act as a resource centre for the promotion of awareness, education and entrepreneurship among young people, women, underrepresented communities, and students belonging to diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

We empower, grow, and proper; together



What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Are programs are designed around finding and funding various types of enterprises.  


— We Build Networks

Every new programme offers an opportunity for collaboration and creating linkages between various stakeholders. Our goal is to connect the right people with each other through are large and diverse network.


— We Strengthen

Our programmes focus on capacity building and upskilling for our beneficiaries, through mentorship and guidance from industry experts. 


— We Educate

Knowledge sharing is an integral part of what we believe in. Special attention is given to the curriculum that is developed for our programme’s through expert consultation. 


— We Care

We follow-up with our network to provide continued support and mentorship to startups to reach their full potential


— We Consult

Our beneficiaries are encouraged to receive consultation services long after the end of a programme. We are delighted to help whenever we can!