Board of Trustees

Tariq Hasan – PRESIDENT

Tariq Hasan has over 18 years of extensive experience in banking and finance. His professional experience covers credit and corporate finance, as well as financial inclusion of small & medium enterprises in Pakistan. Currently, he is serving as Senior Vice President, Corporate & Investment Banking, at Pak Oman Investment Company Limited. He has also served in key roles in collaboration with the central bank and representatives of the banking industry to help roll out initiatives for broadening financial inclusion, improving efficiency within the banking sector, and advancing the cause of economic empowerment. Mr. Tariq has previously worked at Habib Bank Limited and Pakistan State Oil Company Limited. He holds BBA and MBA degrees from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.


Ahmer is a CIMA-qualified accountant with extensive experience across industries in the UK, Pakistan, Germany, and the Middle East. He has engaged with startups, SMEs, multinationals, business associations, chambers, development organizations, diplomatic missions, and government departments. At SDGme, he conducts Sustainability Assessments, aligning organizations with UN Sustainable Development Goals. As Pakistan Representative for the Senior Expert Service, he facilitates knowledge exchange with German consultants. Ahmer has also helped UK companies expand into new markets, fostering bilateral trade relationships. At the German Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, he bolsters Pakistan-German business ties, trade relations, and foreign direct investment.


Shaista Ayesha – VICE PRESIDENT

Shaista Ayesha, CEO and Director of SEED Ventures, formerly served as Head of Product Development. She spearheaded social entrepreneurship and sustainable impact programmes for children, youth, marginalized communities, women-led enterprises, startups, and micro-enterprises. Her passion for sustainability, ESG, and impact, combined with her understanding of ecosystem architecture, drives her to develop synergies for social impact and livelihood development. An ex-banker, her extensive exposure to SMEs in Pakistan enhances her ability to improve entrepreneurial scenarios. This sectoral knowledge informs her strategy development and programme design, encouraging enterprise social mobility. Her corporate sector experience and association with business schools, where she introduced courses on Business Ethics, Marketing, and CSR, give her a unique perspective. She is also a trainer and mentor for micro and small enterprises.


Azam Rathore – TREASURER

A seasoned banker with 13 years in banking and 4 years in the energy sector, he began his career in 1997 at FiatAvio S.p.A – Pakistan, handling accounts and administration. By 2003, he was Manager Finance. He joined Standard Chartered Bank in 2004, quickly becoming Floor Manager by 2006, then moved to HSBC. During his eight years at HSBC, he excelled in retail banking, strategic planning, and system development, earning several performance awards and becoming the youngest G5 (Senior Vice President). After HSBC’s exit from Pakistan, he joined Noor Bank in Dubai as a Senior Manager, obtaining certification as an International Certified Wealth Manager. Returning to Pakistan in January 2017, he committed to promoting financial inclusion and digital banking.



Faizan Quadri is the Executive Director at Fortune Agencies and Services. Over a short period, he has developed a strong reputation in business circles for enterprise strategy, specializing in the development of business acumen and sustainability. With an innate grasp of numbers, his niche lies in evaluating the feasibility and profitability of diverse business ventures. Faizan has conducted various training and mentoring sessions focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the youth. Previously, he set up an incubation centre and accelerator programme for various startups and worked with international commissions to form a strategy for promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan.


Neelum Hassan is a creative and innovative professional with a passion for design and art. As an industrial designer, she has developed innovative solutions and products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As a design instructor, she has taught and mentored students of all ages, sharing her expertise and inspiring the next generation of designers. In addition to her work in design, Neelum is also a talented artist who runs an art studio called Soulside, where she sells paintings inspired by the ocean. Her art is a reflection of her love for the sea and its beauty, and she finds solace in the creative process. With over 8 years of experience working with young people in a creative capacity, Neelum has developed a unique ability to connect with and inspire young minds. She has worked with students on various projects, from design and art to innovation and problem-solving, and has seen firsthand the impact that creativity can have on young people’s lives.

Ayesha Javed – MEMBER

Ayesha Javed boasts over 18 years of diversified corporate, consulting, and training experience spanning marketing, digital marketing, strategy, transformation, and management, with a special focus on neuro-marketing. She is an innovation and consumer insights evangelist, adept in developing and implementing digital strategies for businesses. Her digital acumen, combined with a profound understanding of people, enables her to forge seamless connections between the offline and online worlds. Ayesha’s fascination with neuro-marketing has set her on a quest to unravel the mysteries of how the human brain processes stimuli. Her professional and personal life is driven by her three greatest passions: problem-solving, shepherding people through change, and making a significant impact in every endeavor she undertakes.